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The IR280.1 Car Audio Amplifier is ideal for internal sound and can be installed with 1 SubWoofer or also for Trio Type: installing with Woofer, drivers and tweeters.

Very compact Amplifier.

Amazing an Bold design.

Power Supply reinforced for Bold Bass and High fidelity in midrange and treble.

Safety Energy Technology: great energy efficiency.




Number of Channels1
RMS Power at 2 Ohm 12.6V1 x 220W RMS
RMS Power at 4 Ohm 12.6V1 x 120W RMS
RMS Power at 2 Ohm 13.8V1 x 280W RMS
RMS Power at 4 Ohm 13.8V1 x 150W RMS
Supply Voltage9,5 ~ 15Vdc
Frequency Response10Hz ~35KHz
Crossover Low PassL.P.F: 90Hz
Crossover High PassH.P.F: 50Hz / H.P.F: 700Hz
Signal to Noise> 90 dB
Harmonic Distortion> 0,03 % THD
Input Sensitivity230mV
Input Impedance44K OHMS
Impedance Output2 OHMS
Consumption with Signal Musical11,5A
Consumption with Signal Bass23A
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm48 x 78 x 112 mm
Weight Kg0,355 Kg

STETSOM IR 280.1 2ohm


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