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The Sky High Car Audio E-Series 1/0 Big 3 Upgrade is a comprehensive kit designed to enhance the electrical system of a vehicle, specifically focusing on the critical connections known as the "Big 3" - which normally consist of alternator to battery positive, battery negative to chassis, and engine block to chassis. This upgrade is crucial for improving electrical conductivity, reducing voltage drop, and optimizing the performance of audio systems and other power-hungry components in the vehicle.

The kit includes three high-quality cables, each measuring 4 feet in length. These cables consist of two grounding cables and one power cable, all constructed with oversized wire compared to the minimum American Wire Gauge (AWG) requirements. The oversized wire ensures maximum current flow and minimal resistance, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the vehicle's electrical system.

Additionally, the kit provides three terminated ring terminals with heat shrink for secure and reliable connections. These terminals are designed to withstand high levels of electrical current and provide a durable connection point between the cables and the vehicle's components.

Furthermore, the kit includes three non-terminated ring terminals with heat shrink and zip ties, offering versatility in installation and ensuring a professional finish. The heat shrink provides insulation and protection against moisture, while the zip ties assist in securing the cables neatly and securely in place.

Overall, the Sky High Car Audio E-Series 1/0 Big 3 Upgrade Kit offers a complete solution for upgrading the critical electrical connections in a vehicle, providing improved performance and reliability for audio systems and other power-demanding accessories.

Sky High Car Audio E-Series 1/0 CCA Big 3 Upgrade Kit


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