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How hot are your amps getting? Now you can find out! Run the probe at the end of the 18ft extension cable to whatever you want to monitor and use the included square of adhesive copper foil to affix it to the surface.

Want to monitor your amplifier temperatures to make sure they're not getting too hot? Tired of converting Celsius to Fahrenheit in your head? Want a thermometer that has a probe lead long enough to reach from your dash to your trunk? Well, Sparked Innovations is proud to introduce our new line of Fahrenheit Thermometers that have 18ft of probe wire to reach all the way back to your amplifiers. We even include a square of adhesive copper foil to affix the probe to whatever surface you want to thermally monitor!

Thermometer 12V Temperature Sensor -34°F - 200°F With 18ft Cable Save $15.01


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