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  • Powerful and high-quality car audio amplifier with 8000 watts RMS output exclusively made for BASS and SUB BASS
  • FLEX - Automatic Impedance System that adjusts the impedance of the amplifier from 0.5 to 1 Ohm according to speaker needs (see table of possible combinations in the description)
  • Smart and Silent Coolers ensure efficient and noise-free operation of the amplifier
  • In/Out Audio RCA allows for optional use with another amplifier. Up to 7 AWG Speakers connectors and up to 00 AWG DOUBLE power and DOUBLE ground connectors for powerful and stable operation
  • BRAVO BASS LINE - Compact and stylish design that fits easily into any car. Provides maximum performance in BASS and SUB BASS, perfect for automotive sound enthusiasts.

The BRAVO BASS FLEX line has been developed for those seeking performance and versatility, allowing the use of various speakers with a wide range of impedances.

Its automatic impedance detection system automatically adjusts the product’s audio output to optimize efficiency and power, ensuring high-quality audio reproduction.

With a frequency response from 5Hz to 200Hz, it’s ideal for subwoofer-type speakers, and its multi-impedance system operates between 0.5Ω to 1Ω.


Number of Channels1
RMS Power8.000W
RMS Power at 0.5 Ohm8.800W @ 14,4V
RMS Power at 0.8 Ohm8.700W @ 14,4V
RMS Power at 1 Ohm 14.4V9.000W
Supply Voltage9V ~17V DC
Frequency Response5Hz ~ 200Hz
Crossover Low Pass30Hz ~ 200Hz
Crossover High Pass5Hz ~ 40Hz
Signal to Noise>90dB
Input Sensitivity0,2V ~ 6V
Input Impedance55K Ohms
Impedance Output0,5 ~ 1 OHM (AUTO)
Consumption with Signal Musical390A
Consumption with Signal Bass780A
Subsonic Filter
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm79,5 x 231,5 x 494 mm
Weight Kg7,10 Kg




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