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Introducing the Sky High Car Audio LED and Voltmeter Bass Knob, a dynamic and versatile addition to amplify your car audio experience.

This bass knob boasts a 30" ECO RCA cable with an Over-kill strain relief gland, ensuring robust connectivity and durability.The PRO-potentiometer (LAF50k) allows precision control over your audio settings, complemented by the convenience of the Oversized SPL wheel for easy adjustments. Adding an extra layer of functionality, the bass knob features a 3-position switch for enhanced customization. The RGB LEDs not only illuminate your control adjustments but also add a vibrant and visually engaging element to your car interior. Elevate your car audio system with this feature-packed bass knob, combining style, durability, and performance in one sleek package.



* LEDs turns on with switch but is also controlled by BanLanX app. RGB funtion with custom pattern ability. The means the user can create a totally custom color flow pattern to their liking. User can also use their phone as a mic for music reactive LED mode.

Sky High Car Audio Premium Bass Knob with Voltmeter and RGB LEDs


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