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Introducing the Sky High Car Audio SH-BL64, a 6.5" midrange bullet loudspeaker designed for those who refuse to compromise on their car audio experience. With a 4 ohm impedance, this powerhouse delivers flawless performance and is perfectly tuned to bring out the richness and clarity in every track.

Boasting an impressive 150 watt RMS power rating, the SH-BL64 is engineered to handle high volumes with ease, ensuring your music sounds full-bodied and dynamic, even in the demanding acoustics of a car interior. At the core of its exceptional performance is a 1.5" voice coil, crafted for efficient power handling and thermal stability, which translates to sustained high-quality sound performance over long listening sessions.


The SH-BL64's design focuses on delivering unmatched midrange frequencies, making vocals come alive and instruments sound more natural and detailed. This speaker is an ideal choice for audiophiles looking to elevate their car's audio system to concert-like sound quality.

Easy to install and compatible with a wide range of car audio systems, the SH-BL64 is not just a speaker; it's an investment in unparalleled audio quality that transforms every drive into an unforgettable listening experience. Experience the difference with Sky High Car Audio's commitment to excellence with the SH-BL64 midrange loudspeaker.



Sky High Car Audio SH-BL64 6.5" 4 ohm Midrange Loudspeaker


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