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Our hood liners are made with our exclusive FATDAMP® Acoustical foam, 3/4" thick, with a reinforced aluminum foil facing and a 4 mil nominal acrylic PSA backing. Our foam is a acoustical grade open cell, flexible, modified poly ether polyurethane foam designed for optimal sound absorption over a broad frequency range. It has excellent resistance to heat, moisture and non aromatic petro chemicals. Our hood liners are larger than dynamat hood liners as well as more effective.

Benefits & Features

  • Stop Engine Noise
  • Stop Heat from destroying your paint
  • Heat Absorption up to 98%

What's Included In Your Liner Package

  • 54" X 34" eXtreme Acoustical Liner W/Aluminum Facing
  • Free FatMat Decal
  • Installation Instructions
  • Liner Kit Includes
    • 2 Sheets 18in X 54in

    • Free FatMat Roller For Easy Installation

    • Free FatMat Handy Cutting Knife

Liner SpecificationsMetricEnglish
Cell Size ppcm (ppi)25-365-5
Tensile Strength KPA (psi)13820
Tear N/M (lb/in)4502.0
Elongation %110110
Compression Set % (22hr @ 90%)1010
Ait Permeability: m3/min. (scfm)(@ 25.4mm thickness0.011 - 0.0421.0 - 4.0
Thermal Conductivity K. Cal/hr m2, 0C/m(BTU/hr, ft2, 0F/in)48.25

Flame Resistant
Meets UL 94 HBF, MVSS - 302, SAE J-369b

Service Temp
43*(-45*F) to 100*C(212*F) continuous up tp 138*(280*F) intermittent

Humidity Resistant
Excellent; no significant decrease in tensile strength or elongation after 5 hours of steam autocave at 250*F (121*C) per ASTM D3574-86, Test J

Chemical Resistant
Excellent; no significant decrease in strength after 4 weeks immersion in common solvents, alkalies, acids and water

FatMat Aluminum Head Liner



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